Check out our videos below for tips on how you could acquire your first home or build your property portfolio over time.
Our Managing Director, Ghia Jardenil-Shrestha, explains dos and don’ts about properties and finances.

How do you save for your first home?

Saving the deposits for your first home or investment property is a daunting task. It is one of the most crucial criteria that many lenders factor into when lending money to home owners or investors. Understand how you can speed up your savings for the home loan deposit.

How to improve your borrowing capacity?

This video covers various aspects of borrowing and what affects the borrowing capacity. It covers topics like reducing your credit limit, Importance of clean credit history, advantages of consolidating existing debts with lower interest rate, take control of living expenses and increasing savings.

How to get a Home Loan pre-approval?

This video covers following topics related to Home Loan pre-approval:
* Things to consider when applying for a Home Loan
* How does Home Loan Pre-approval process work
* How to get ready for buying your first home or investment property

Big mistakes to avoid when applying for a Home Loan

The Video Covers below topics about how one can avoid mistakes when applying for Home Loan:
* Managing your expenses
* Genuine savings
* Importance of providing factual data
* Consequences of applying for too many loans

Difference between Offset Account and Redraw Account

This Video Covers below topics surrounding offset account and redraw account:
* What is an Offset Account?
* What is a Redraw Account?
* Comparison between these two accounts
* Conditions associated with Redraw Account

How do you save for your first home?

This video covers factors one should consider when re-financing home loan:
* Why people usually re-finance
* Advantages of Refinancing
* Maximizing the equity in the property
* Things to consider when refinancing

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